This is what the new slavery looks like, antiseptic slavery. When one reads between the lines of every Donald Trump press conference, it is clear he is all about making corporations whole; people damn. Hell, he is even willing to risk the lives of Americans by having them go back to work above and beyond their safety.

Corporations over people at all cost

Watch the entire episode here.

The Trump Network, Fox News are all starting the indoctrination process of their listeners. They are trying to minimize the COVID-19 pandemic and using immoral persuasion to try to pressure authorities to get back to business as usual.

It clearly started with people like Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick making the asinine implication that older people are willing to sacrifice their lives for the economy, read corporations. And then there was Glenn Beck sitting behind the comfort of his home studio advocating people that people go back to work irrespective of the possibility of dying.

The sad thing is that Trump and his cabal want Americans to go back to work even if it will get them sick or even cause their deaths. Yet they have no desire to hold up their end of the bargain. That is, provide Medicare for All in the event people get sick, provide childcare subsidies for those who cannot afford it given their meager wages, or provide a healthy working or living environment to make life pleasurable.

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