Trump lies to the troops about their own salaries

After forcing hundreds of thousands of federal employees to go without pay for the holidays so he can make the vertiginous syphilis fever dream he once had about a giant wall worth it somehow, Donald Trump told another whopper while visiting the troops in Iraq today.

From The Washington Post:

The president also told a number of falsehoods to the troops during his speech. He said that he had given the troops a 10 percent pay raise and that the forces had not received a pay raise in more than 10 years. The sizable pay raise Trump authorized earlier this year, however, amounted to 2.6 percent, not 10 percent, and troops have received a pay raise every year for decades.

Just to save you a trip to, “falsehoods” is another word for “fucking lies.”

Think about this. The president of the United States is directly lying to soldiers about their own pay. Their own pay. You know, I think they might catch onto this one.

By the way, PolitiFact debunked a version of this lie months ago and gave Trump the coveted Pants on Fire designation (which they really should consider renaming the “Flaming Mushroom Kebab” in honor of our commander-in-chief).

Seriously, what won’t this degenerate lie about?  


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