We always knew Donald Trump was lying about the deadliness of COVID-19. What we did not know is that he knew the entire truth and wasn’t simply willfully ignorant.

Donald Trump Lied To Americans knowingly

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Donald Trump admitted that he knew that COVID-19 was 500% more contagious/deadly than the flu. He admitted that he knew that both the young and the old got infected.

Some of the president’s sycophant may attempt to use the president’s partial excuse that he did not want to create a panic. That would only have been a valid statement if he was not so adamant about not wearing masks, about people not protecting themselves.

The president is a dangerous uncaring person. It is clear that he is unfit for office. If this story isn’t fatal with respect to his sycophants, then his statement of being able to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not have any repercussions would have been realized, 190,000+ times.

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