First, a little background:

1) As Florida’s attorney general, Pam Bondi, who is now accusing Joe Biden of corruptly interfering with an investigation to benefit his son, dropped an investigation into Trump University after receiving a $25,000 campaign contribution from Trump’s sketchy charitable foundation.

2) As Bondi, Trump’s other lawyers, and everyone in Congress now knows, Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine because its prosecutor general wasn’t pursuing investigations, not because he was. And the U.S. government and the entire Western world was behind the decision.

But never mind any of that. Bondi has finally blown the lid off this whole thing because … wait for it … Hunter Biden went fishing with his dad (second tweet):


I’m more disturbed that they went on a fishing trip in Norway, of all places. Have either of them ever actually eaten lutefisk? It’s gross.

So there’s the defense of Donald Trump in a nutshell: He can do literally whatever he wants to get reelected because he thinks his reelection is in the public interest, and OH MY GOD, HUNTER BIDEN!

So Pam Bondi can blather on like this and yet somehow John Bolton’s and Mick Mulvaney’s testimony isn’t the least bit relevant.

That’s Republican logic for you.

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