Trump: It's okay to betray the Kurds because 'they didn't help us with Normandy'

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Oh, the fucknuttery. It never ends.

(Second tweet.)


“The Kurds are fighting for their land, just so you understand, they’re fighting for their land. And as somebody wrote in a very, very powerful article today, they didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us with Normandy, as an example. They mentioned names of different battles. But they’re there to help us with their land. And that’s a different thing. In addition to that we have spent tremendous amounts of money on helping the Kurds in terms of ammunition, in terms of weapons, in terms of money, in terms of pay.”

What is his obsession with foreign and military aid? It’s not like the funds are being taken directly out of his Extra Crispy chicken skin budget.

And they didn’t help us with Normandy? Well, never mind then. They’re assholes. They were conspicuously absent at Bunker Hill, too. Don’t even get me started on Fort Sumter.

And don’t worry about all the ISIS fighters who might escape. They’re just going to go to Europe, and who gives a shit about them? Europe isn’t America, in case you hadn’t noticed. Those poncy-wig-wearing fancy-cheese-eaters are getting what they deserve because they didn’t bend the knee to His Majesty. Oh, also, it’s okay if the Kurds are slaughtered — as long as it’s done “fairly.” (I suppose that means they get a 20-second head start.) 


— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 9, 2019


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Forget about impeaching this guy. Can someone just tackle him and lock him in a zoo paddock? He’s a walking, talking human rights crisis.

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