It's the most wonderful time of the year. The time when Donald Trump's rage boils over because those he considers his subservient flunkies are less than fiercely devoted. The time when unquestioned loyalty to Trump is demanded of all who kneel before him. The time when Trump lashes out at Fox News for not showing unqualified adoration of Dear Leader.

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It's been six weeks since the American people voted to excise the Trump Virus from the body politic. In all that time, Trump has continued to insist, in defiance of reality, that he was the landslide winner of the presidential election, and probably by acclamation, the Master of the Known Universe.

Unfortunately for Trump, the real world is not so forgiving. His failure to best Joe Biden in the election, as well as in nearly sixty court challenges, has sunken Trump's mood to unprecedented depths. He has now been reduced to whining pitifully about being the victim of an international cabal determined to destroy him. And participating in that collective of coup plotters is Fox News, the network that put him in the White House and still has deep sympathy for his singular plight. On Wednesday morning Trump plaintively tweeted that he…



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Trump has been mad at Fox News for quite a while. And his anger may have contributed somewhat to Fox's ratings decline. He has lately been propping up piddly also-ran “news” sources like Newsmax and OANN. He was even recently reported to have expressed his desire to “wreck Fox News.”

However, this tweet is riddled with bizarre notions that extend far beyond a his ignorant ratings analysis or a  mere displeasure with “news” reporting. First of all, his claim that Fox News has “played right into the hands of the Radical Left Democrats” is not supported by any examples. Trump simply regards any adverse commentary as part of the anti-Trump plot. And his singling out of Donna Brazile, is notable for her being a rare woman of color on the network. She conveniently satisfies Trump's tendencies toward both misogyny and racism.

Furthermore, Trump makes a preposterous reference to Fox News  “allow[ing] endless negative and unedited commercials” Does he believe that television news networks are supposed to be editing commercials? Likewise, does he believe that those commercials are supposed to all be positive?

Let's set aside Trump's alleged sadness over the network's alleged demise. Trump's death notice is more likely a reflection of his desires than of the actual health of Fox News. As noted previously, Trump is out to wreck Fox. He thinks he has a future in media with a self-branded network. He's wrong. That would just be the path to his next humiliating bankruptcy.

In conclusion, Trump declares that “Fox News is dead.” That's a diagnosis that doesn't square with the facts (a common problem for both Trump and Fox). While their ratings have understandably declined following the heat of the presidential campaign, Fox still has millions of viewers and is one of the top cable networks. But what's really bothering Trump is that Fox News isn't as slavishly kowtowing to Trump as they were four years ago when they aired his every utterance live and uninterrupted. And Trump has pointed that out several times in the past few months: