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Trump Is Losing Republican Voters

WaPo’s Fix has a new analysis out this morning: Trump loves to tout his base. But a new poll shows increasing GOP support for impeachment — and even removing him.

In fact, 28 percent of Republicans support the impeachment inquiry, and 18 percent say they support removing Trump from office, according to the poll.

(The poll is a WaPo/Schar School poll, found here. It was taken Oct. 1-9, meaning it’s a response to the latest news.)

Read the money quote again: Almost one-fifth of self-identified Republicans think Trump not only needs to be impeached, he needs to be REMOVED.

Trump needs at least 85-90% support among Republicans to get re-elected. He needs at least that much to keep the GOP Senators in line.

Now maybe he still has enough of his base to threaten to primary them, but the Democrats (or circumstances) could well see to it that articles of impeachment aren’t voted out until after the primary deadlines, meaning that Senators will have to answer to the general electorate, not the base, for how they deal with impeachment. (Trump is pushing to get impeachment done faster probably to forestall that very scenario.)

WaPo’s Aaron Blake of the Fix does add this caution:

This comes with a caveat: It’s the first poll to show such a high degree of support for impeachment and removal among Republicans, and we’ll have to see whether other polls bear this out. But there are suggestions that things could be moving with a small but significant slice of the GOP. [emphasis added]

A poll taken the week of Sept. 25 showed 7% of Republicans favoring impeachment and removal, which was remarkable enough (and seems to have gone unnoticed at the time). Comparing just these polls (from different pollsters) shows Republican support for removal rising from 7% to 18% in just over a week. That is major momentum, folks, especially considering how much today’s GOP has become the Party of Trump.

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The juggernaut (or the kraken, pick your own metaphor) is being released and is starting to roll.

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