Trump is about to feel the wrath of the voters for his disastrous presidency, a fired loser.

Donald Trump is about to become the two words he most likes to call those he does not like. After the election, he will be a fired loser.

Trump will become a fired loser


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  • Suburban Republican white NC woman explains why Biden is her choice.
  • This willful ignorant Trump behavior is dangerous & will kill both his sycophants and many of us.
  • Harwood on President – Talking like a thug encouraging aides and supporters to act like thugs.
  • PA State Senator on Trump – Feckless and irresponsible president owes PA an apology.
  • Former Republican PA Governor scorches Trump – It’s not about intimidation but persuasion.
  • We can safely vote on election day and shock Trump who thinks he wins the day-of voters.
  • LISTEN TO HER! She is a Democratic hero whose lead we must all follow till election day

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