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Trump hoping to con Americans on health care for one more election cycle


Boy, this is rich:

It’s weird that Trump is so eager to step on this rake again, but this is what he does. He overpromises based on zero information. He might as well be selling Trump steaks.

And, yes, I do agree that Republicans will always support preexisting conditions. They support you having them, and living with them … uncomfortably … without treatment.

Needless to say, these tweets are nonsense. Many Democrats support Medicare-for-all because it would be cheaper, better, and more comprehensive than Obamacare. They’re not jonesing for a GOP replacement, which Republicans have been promising will ride in on a glitter-farting unicorn any day now but has somehow never quite materialized. Oh, but they’re so, so close this time.

Of course, Trump has no support in this. As in, the Republicans surely are not developing their own plan.


  • Several Republicans have backed away from ACA replacement plans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested Thursday he would not be lead an appeal of the healthcare act. “I am focusing on stopping the ‘Democrats’ Medicare for none’ scheme,” he told Politico.
  • Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) wrote to to Attorney General Bill Barr Monday urging him to reconsider the Justice Department’s decision.

Of course, believing Donald J. Trump can craft a health care plan all by himself that somehow works better than the ACA is like expecting Kirk Cameron to find the Higgs boson in his yogurt. It’s not going to happen. But the cult will believe.

Still, at some point you have to hope that a sufficient majority will understand that this idiot is just a carnival barker, and maybe then we can get back to a serious policy discussion. Until then, GOTV.


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