Trump hints at another security clearance revocation over CNN guest's 'mental condition'

So Donald Trump tweeted this:


In other news, Mudd also sleeps with too many Playboy models and porn stars, is unaccountably orange, has tiny Cabbage Patch Doll hands, and is obviously a Russian agent who’s inordinately chummy with dictators.

So below is the clip in question. But before you watch it, I’d like to make a couple of observations.

First of all, Paris Dennard couldn’t win an argument with a pimiento loaf. Personally, I would rather debate a See ‘n Say, because at least its answers would make sense occasionally.

Secondly, yes, Mudd gets a little agitated, but that was after Dennard essentially accused him of profiting off his government service — which, again, is pretty rich coming from a stalwart defender of Mr. Donald John Trump.

Here’s how The Hill related the exchange:

In the segment, Dennard agreed with Trump's decision to revoke Brennan's security clearance, and argued former intelligence officials keep their clearances “because it’s profitable for them after they leave government.”

“Profitable, Paris?” Mudd responded. “When I am requested to sit on an advisory board, let me ask you one question. How much do you think I’m paid to do that at the request of the US government?”

“Answer the question,” he shouted.

Mudd, who worked under then-FBI Director Robert Mueller and spent three decades in the CIA and FBI, asserted he is not paid by the government when he provides consulting work, and that he does not use his clearance for work in the private sector.

The two men continued to shout over each other, with Mudd growing more upset.

“We’re done, Jim,” Mudd said. “Get out. 25 years in the service and this is the shit I get? Get out.”


Finally, what the hell? Is Trump just “joking,” or is he really going to start pulling the security clearances of literally everyone who criticizes him? And if going on tirades makes you unworthy of possessing government secrets, well, um … shouldn’t the pr*sident be lobotomized posthaste?

And yes, Mr. Mudd, with this administration, this is the shit you get. Sadly, this is the shit we all get.


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