Trump has taken a leaf out the European Extreme Right's Playbook

Mix hatred and with a good dose of fear and then pretend the result has nothing to do with you.

His recent rhetoric is from the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen and not that of his daughter Marine. This is old school rhetoric and equally toxic, find the victim and go for the throat. I occasionally hear it over here, but from really fringe groups [English Defense League and the old UK National Front] and not on mainstream TV hour after hour.

The only way the Republican Party can come out of this without carrying a lingering toxic odor is by rejecting him completely, same goes for their media arm. Then again the strategy they have employed since a Kenyan Muslim came to bring the apocalypse has lead in only one direction, a leave of all senses. Cruz has the same foul stench, but even he has some self control.

The rise of Trump can be laid at their feet, without their complete abdication of responsibility in government, without the vile rhetoric aimed at all opposed to their single minded attempt to strip the Federal government of all credibility he would never have got further than a few weeks in.

This has not come from the “left” side of the aisle, this has come from years of hate radio and television. Crushing peoples individual rights has become a daily affair and the rhetoric used to progress their aims an abomination. All they had to do was find a figurehead to spout it in one long continuous hate filled river that the media in turn would love for the ratings and revenue.

Republicans played with fire and they cannot say they were not warned, now all of us risk having an egotistical madman running the only remaining superpower. Hopefully he meets the same cross party rejection that Jean-Marie Le Pen faced in France. Jacques Chirac was corrupt, but at least he was sane and cared. Do the Republicans actually have one of those? There is little evidence that they do.

Our media is also to blame, for years they giggled and pocketed the cash, I suppose now they are all aghast and heaven forbid that they even consider that their pathetic attempts to rationalize the birthers etc had anything at all to do with this mess. For years that sat with their thumbs up their ass and their minds in neutral as they fueled the fires further. Some may have even thought that they could control the chaos wrought, more fool them.

It’s time for both the Republican Party and MSM to grow the fuck up.

  • March 13, 2016