How about a double shot of Schaden-Friday?

This is the big one, folks. (Well, impeachment is the big one, but honestly, this probably stings him even more.)



— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) January 8, 2021


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Guess he’ll have to head over to Parler with the other deplorables. Unfortunately, Parler is sparsely populated and full of people Trump hates (i.e., his own supporters). 

Hmm, maybe inciting a violent mob in order to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States was, I don’t know, an overreach. 

One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen …

Goodbye, Asshat. Hello, Joe.

P.S.: In case you’re planning on suing Citizen Trump for libel, you can still find an archive of his tweets here.

This guy is a natural. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.” — Bette Midler on Aldous J. Pennyfarthing, via Twitter. The first history of the Trump Error is complete! Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump is hot off the presses! Along with Dear Fcking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump, Dear Prsident A**clown: 101 More Rude Letters to Donald Trump and Dear F*cking Moron: 101 More Letters to Donald Trump, you’ll see the Trump years from a hilarious new perspective. Click those links, yo!