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Trump fumes over lack of recognition for his imaginary accomplishments

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Donald Trump played the New York media like a fiddle for decades, even successfully masquerading as his own PR flack on several occasions. So he probably thought it would be just as easy to fool the national media after he entered politics.

But it’s been a much choppier ride than he expected, and there simply aren’t enough binkies on the Eastern Seaboard to put him down for the night.

His latest plaintive howl was directed at The New York Times, which discovered over the weekend that his trade policy brinkmanship with Mexico — and the “concessions” he supposedly extracted from them — were nothing but kabuki theater. Seems whatever Trump claims to have accomplished with his tariffs was actually agreed to months ago.

When other media outlets piled on, ape went Trump-shit. He even called in to CNBC to tout his nonexistent deal, saying, “If we didn’t have tariffs we wouldn’t have made a deal with Mexico. This is something the U.S. has been trying to get for over 20 years with Mexico. As soon as I put tariffs on the table it was done — it took two days.”

Uh. Sure. Okay.

Now Politico is reporting that Trump “is more aggrieved than ever” over the coverage of his administration and believes he’ll never get a fair shake from the media. (Maybe because he literally can’t go a day without repeatedly lying. In fact, you could make a strong argument that the media are far too soft on him.)

“He has this insatiable need to impress people and demonstrate accomplishments and notch achievements,” a former White House official said. “When he feels like he’s done something that should be recognized as a success and people are not recognizing it that way, it poses an existential threat to his sense of self — and this is what you get.”

This is what you get? You mean a nonstop, off-the-rails crazy train? Like we haven’t noticed?

And, yes, even this unnamed former White House official thinks Trump is a loser:

“He’s taken big actions, but he hasn’t always delivered,” the former White House official said. “He needs some victories.”

The president has been trying to rack up victories in recent months with mixed results. Despite the opposition of many Republican lawmakers, he declared a national emergency to speed up construction of his border wall. But most of the money has gone toward upgrading or replacing existing barriers along the border. 

Then again, Trump is convinced (or claims to be convinced) that these “wins” just keep coming — even if neither we nor the Mexicans can see them.

Trump, during his Monday afternoon event, pushed back on the notion that he was again exaggerating what Mexico had agreed to.

“I don’t think they’ll be denying it for long,” Trump said of the Mexicans, adding, “We have an agreement on something they will announce very soon. It’s all done. It was all done because of the tariffs and the relationship with Mexico.”

The president didn't offer any specifics.

Uh huh. You mean because there aren’t any? 

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