Trump embarrasses us again with clumsy attempt to please Putin


Remember this?


I’ll try my best not to feel stupid, Mr. Pr*sident. And, hey, thanks for making it so easy.

Watching Donald Trump’s tour de force performance as the Ugly American is a little like going to Applebee’s with your dad and praying he merely unbuttons his pants after dessert instead of taking them off.

You. Can’t. Take. Him. Anywhere.

Apparently desperate to agree with Vladimir Putin no matter what the journalist-murdering dictator says, Trump betrayed the whole of Western civilization in one fell swoop, agreeing that Western-style liberalism is problematic. Even though Western-style liberalism is the core value that defines us.


One question, posed by Peter Baker of the New York Times, referenced a recent interview Putin gave theFinancial Times, in which the Russian president said the “liberal idea” has “outlived its purpose” and “become obsolete.” Baker asked Trump if he agreed with Putin that “western-style liberalism” is obsolete and no longer relevant to today's world.

Trump said he hadn't seen Putin's comments, but noted that he “may feel that way” because he sees what's going on in cities, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, that are governed by liberal administrations.

“I don't know what they're thinking, but he does see things that are happening in the United States that would probably preclude him from saying how wonderful it is,” Trump responded. “I'm very embarrassed by what I see in some of our cities where the politicians are either afraid to do something about it or they think it's votes.”


Western-style liberalism is not just the dominant political system in California, Oregon, and Washington. It’s the animating principle of our country and most of its allies.


And, oh, there were tweets:




This is why I’m still angry at the mainstream media. Rather than pretend Trump belonged on a debate stage with Hillary Clinton, the debate moderators should have asked him basic questions about government and exposed the depth and breadth of his ignorance while we still had a chance.

Instead, we have a president agreeing with a Russian dictator that our way of life belongs in the dustbin of history.

So, yeah, another painfully embarrassing overseas trip. And he’s just getting started.

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