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Trump Demands Tulsa Rally Attendees Hold Him Harmless if They Get Sick

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Trump supporters may say the coronavirus is a hoax or a Democratic plot, but Bunker Boy’s campaign knows better. The campaign is requiring everyone who registers to attend the rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth to agree that if they get sick from coronavirus, they will not sue the campaign or the venue:

Trump rally sign-up includes disclaimer about potential COVID-19 exposure

Those wishing to attend President Trump's rally next week in Oklahoma must agree not to sue the Trump campaign or host venue in the event they contract the coronavirus.


Bunker Boy will stop at nothing to make himself feel good, no matter how many people have to die for that to happen.  He is essentially admitting that with this disclaimer. His followers are being told in so many words that if they get sick and die at his rally from a deadly disease that he has done nothing to stop, he will not be responsible.

The next Lincoln Project ad practically writes itself.

PS: Jennifer Rubin’s latest column wonders why Trump is going to Oklahoma in the first place:

Does President Trump want to expose his strongest supporters to a deadly disease? Does he think Oklahoma is in play in 2020? You’d be excused for thinking so, given his latest campaign maneuvers.

She points out that no way is Oklahoma in play for 2020 (probably ). So either Trump is so panicked that he has to secure his base, or he only wants to campaign where he can feel the love.

The other explanation for this behavior is that Trump, blinded by the need for untempered adulation by huge crowds, must venture deep into red America to find supporters sufficient to satisfy his ego. This sort of thinking would be disastrous if he is trying to win the election, as it would require him to secure states with plenty of people who do not like, let alone venerate, him.

Rubin doesn’t seem to know about the coronavirus disclaimer yet. But what she sees is bad enough:

One wonders how big donors feel about funding useless trips to red states and a pandemic-spreading convention in a state with plenty of older voters. Moreover, you have to figure that Trump’s fellow Republicans, who have been lectured incessantly to stick with the president, must be getting nervous about an erratic, rudderless campaign not really designed to effectively target the states he must win. I guess they really are willing to go down with the ship.

PPS: From the Washington Post article about this disclaimer, just posted:

Oklahoma’s health department  reported 146 new confirmed covid-19 cases Thursday  and two additional deaths in the state, bringing the statewide totals to 7,626 cases and 357 deaths, according to Oklahoma City-based KOCO-TV.

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