Trump coup lawyer Lin Wood will need to complete mental health evaluation to keep his license

You’ve probably seen a lot of Lin Wood—the unsung/unhinged hero of the Georgia Senate runoff elections—in the past couple of months.

Along with fellow Salted Nut Rolls Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, Wood was at the vanguard of the ass roots movement to force Donald Trump back into the White House with a giant novelty shoehorn and a Sam’s Club bucket of Crisco, despite the ocher arschloch’s decisive loss to Joe Biden.

The dude is so nuts, even Parler has removed his posts. I thought you could post anything on Parler. It was where I was going to publish my Zagat reviews of Chuck E. Cheeses that look the other way when you smoke weed behind the Skee-Ball machine.

One post that Parler deemed too offensive for “free speech” called for the assassination of Mike Pence. This was the day after a throng of election truthers actually tried to, you know, assassinate Mike Pence.

So the dude is nuts. And the Georgia Bar has noticed.


An attorney licensing body on Friday said it has asked L. Lin Wood, a lawyer who played a key role in Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn his election defeat, to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Wood said on the app Telegram on Thursday that the State Bar of Georgia had told him he needed to submit to the evaluation to keep his law license.

“My mind is sound. I have broken no rules. I asked what I had done wrong. I was only told it was about my social media comments. My speech,” he wrote.

And Lin had some things to say about it. Needless to say, he insists he’s sane. Which is exactly what a crazy person would say.

Normally, I’d transcribe Lin’s steamy bowl of tripe with nuts, but it’s just a lot of crazy talk. Especially this quote: “My mind is sound.”

Well, that’s up to the State Bar of Georgia to decide now, isn’t it?

My amateur opinion? This dude is cuckoo for all the breakfast cereals.

Take his license. Please.

This guy is a natural. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.” — Bette Midler on author Aldous J. Pennyfarthing, via TwitterTrump is gone, but the righteous mocking goes on forever. Thanks to Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump, Dear Fcking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump, Dear Prsident A**clown and Dear F*cking Moron, you can purge the Trump years from your soul sans the existential dread. Only laughs from here on out. Click those links!

  • January 29, 2021