Trump Coming To Louisville For Fundraiser for Unpopular Republican Governor Matt Bevin.


There are multiple layers to Trump’s announced visit to a private fundraiser in Louisville for Tea Party lunatic Governor Matt Bevin.

  • Matt Bevin is the most unpopular governor in America, and there is a decent chance that Bevin will be defeated this fall.  A Planned Parenthood poll had his challenger, Andy Beshear, 15 points ahead of Bevin.  And Bevin desperately needs Trump:

Trump, who has endorsed Bevin for reelection, won the Bluegrass State by roughly 30 percentage points and has a 55% approval rating, according to the most recent polls.

Bevin, meanwhile, is rated as the most unpopular governor in the U.S., according to the same polling.

The president is expected to hold at least one public rally on Bevin's behalf.

But for now, it is a private fundraiser.  Sorta kinds of tells you something about Trump not wanting to hug Bevin too closely.

  • Hey!  Moscow Mitch or Massacre Mitch is hold up nursing that busted shoulder of his.  Couldn’t Trump take the time to meet with Moscow Mitch and see about doing something on gun control?  Moscow Mitch is in Louisville.  Will ANYONE in the Media notice this when they speculate if Trump and Moscow Mitch are going to do something about mass shootings?
  • There will be the usual Trump Tweets about his visit to Louisville.  Something vile or stupid will be Tweeted.  Sun rises in the East.  Knowing this, will Andy Beshear or Amy McGrath have a response or make some news of their own?  

Sadly, I have my serious doubts that Beshear will say anything about Trump.

The Beshear campaign declined to comment for this story, and instead referred to a Kentucky Democratic Party release on Monday highlighting Bevin's troubles with other GOP officials and Trump voters who are upset at his pension reform efforts.

Beshear doesn’t want to talk about Trump.  Yeah, it’s a governor’s race, and Trump is still popular with the rednecks in Kentucky.  So why bother to poke a bear?

But what about Amy McGrath who is the establisment pick to challenge Moscow Mitch in 2020?  Unfortunately, I think the odds of McGrath saying anything while Trump visits is zero.  After her inital stumbles out of the starting gate, McGrath has severaly limited her exposure.  And while she rejects “partisan labels,” even the state and local media has said that her political strategy makes her sound like a pro-Trump Democrat.  I believe she will stick with this bad political strategy, so my bet is that she will say nothing while Trump is in Louisville.

  • August 12, 2019