Trump claims to put “America first”. That's a total lie.

Now that President Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal that is designed to prevent Iran from threatening the United States with a nuclear weapon, it has become increasingly clear that Trump’s claim that he puts “America first” was a total lie. Besides, Trump stole “America first” from a Merle Haggard song.

Make no mistake about it, Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Iran deal at the behest of the Netanyahu regime in Israel will endanger America’s national security, as Iran will now have more incentive to attack the United States, Israel, and other countries traditionally aligned with the Western world with nuclear weapons thanks to Trump’s reckless actions designed to appease Netanyahu, who has no regard for his own country’s national security. There’s nothing “America first” about endangering America’s national security. I’ve made it clear many times before that my foreign policy views are considerably more isolationist than those of most Democratic elected officials, however, I have gone out of my way to support the Iran deal, because it kept America safe.

When it comes to putting America first, Trump is a total liar and hypocrite. Trump claims to put “America first”, but he sold weapons to the Saudi Arabia monarchy, bent over backwards to the political agenda of the Netanyahu regime in Israel, wants to negotiate with the Kim Jong-Un regime in North Korea, and, worst of all, enabled the Putin regime in Russia to interfere in our country’s most recent presidential election. That’s not putting America first.

While many Democrats are publicly bemoaning the loss of U.S. geopolitical alliances with the rest of the Western world that were forged by former President Obama and his predecessors dating back many decades, there’s no sense in rebuilding relationships with traditional U.S. allies that simply can’t trust the U.S. government anymore, given that there’s nothing prohibiting the U.S., or, for that matter, any other country, from going as far as to completely ignore the international community, if any country wanted to go that route. The only way to defeat a phony like Donald Trump is with a real isolationist who will fight to deglobalize and rebuild America’s economy, close our military bases outside the U.S., ending taxpayer-funded foreign aid, opposing the border wall boondoggle, practice diplomacy only where needed to address a clearly global problem (such as climate change) or to protect America’s national security, and make military intervention a last resort to protect America’s national security instead of a first resort to promote regime change, while, at the same time, upholding the core value of America being a nation of immigrants by welcoming people seeking a better life to this country. In other words, in order to beat someone who falsely claims to put America first, you need someone who truly puts America first.