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Trump claims people love working for him because they don't have to do anything

Asked yesterday about potential candidates’ interest in replacing John Bolton as the White House’s evil Pepperidge Farm mascot from the Star Trek Mirror, Mirror universe national security adviser, Donald Trump said this:

“A lot of people want the job, and it’s a great job. It’s great because it’s a lot of fun to work with Donald Trump. And it’s very easy, actually, to work with me. You know why it’s easy? Because I make all the decisions. They don’t have to work.”


Whoo! Great to know no one at 1600 Penn is working. Or that Trump cares so little about his advisers’ counsel that he thinks no one else in the entire executive branch is doing anything productive.

Can I get one of these jobs? I promise you, I’ll work. And I think I’d break The Mooch’s record for briefest tenure.

I’d be fired before the day is out. Right after calling Trump an amoral haggis or gelatinous cube or some such.

It would be so worth the black mark on my résumé.

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