Trump claims Obama left him with a military 'very low on ammunition'

It’s a metaphysical certitude that either 1) Trump made this up out of whole cloth or 2) James Mattis told him this because Trump wanted to invade Mexico, Puerto Rico, California or somewhere equally as insane.

Because I really, really doubt the U.S. military — with a budget of $611 billion for FY2016 (nearly $400 billion more than that of the second-biggest spender, China) — ran out of bullets.



Yeah, that’s the kind of trademark Trump bullshit that no longer even warrants a perfunctory Google search. But Trump’s rattlebrained Red Caps eat this stuff up.

Oh, noes! Our military couldn’t even afford gunpowder and musket balls! Thank God the Kenyan usurper is gone!

Is there nothing he won’t lie about?

Never mind. Stupid question.

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