Trump chokes on 3' putts as he compares attempted murder to golf, then goes to Kenosha

A quarter-million deaths still loom as the distraction tour continues in order to generate campaign commercial content. 


Pres. Trump is headed to Kenosha, Wisconsin, after drawing a comparison between police officers who shoot people in the back to golfers who “choke” and miss a three-foot putt.


— Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) September 1, 2020

Date: September 1, 2020 at 12:30:03 PM CDT
Subject: Out of town pool report #6 – departing airport and brief POTUS remarks

POTUS deplaned at 12:25 pm.

He was greeted by Senator Ron Johnson who was wearing a mask.

POTUS made brief remarks and said they would make a couple of stops today.

POTUS: “The violence stopped from the time the National Guard came. … We’ll have plenty to talk about.”

POTUS is motorcading to Kenosha from the Waukegan, Illinois, airport. It is an approximately 30 minute ride.

AG Bill Barr, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, Ja’Ron Smith, Dan Scavino and Reince Priebus were also on the fight.

At 12:29 pm we are rolling from airport.




— Michael Hendry (@Curculiunculus) September 1, 2020


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