Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the man with gold-plated bathroom fixtures and a 10,000 dollar portrait of himself bought with money donated to his corrupt and now-defunct charity, thinks that the 1.7 million [tax-free] dollars paid to his CFO, Allen Weisselberg, were a fringe benefit, or just Trump change. Anyone still buying into the Trump fraud is either too proud to admit their gullibility, a relative, or clinically delusional. What more is needed to prove that words like alleged, probable, or prevaricator can be dispensed with. We have proof of the 130,000 dollar hush money check paid to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, not to mention the money paid by a Trump associate to “catch and kill” a story about his 10-month affair with Playboy model Karen McDougal. I am obligated to report that Mr. Trump has denied his involvement with either woman. Of course, the veracity of Mr. Trump’s word is beyond reproach.  

After an endless 4-year string of lying, cheating, stealing, and most recently inciting an insurrection his GOP followers are still clinging to his tattered coat-tails. How many days will it be before Allen Weisselberg is described as a coffee boy whom Trump hardly knew? The Trump flanks are already being defended by his faithful using the overwrought Trump defense of “witch-hunt” and political hit job. Democrat after Democrat, insider after insider reveal whenever asked, that Republicans know he [Trump] is untrustworthy and unfit but is afraid to say it out loud.  Republican politicians are so fearful of their base, they believe glomming on to a group of lunatics is good for the party. A base, so outraged, so delusional, that they have become a power-wielding violent group who believe Oprah and Tom Hanks are eating babies and drinking their blood or that the election of a woman who believes the Rothschilds are part of a group setting forest fires with laser beams is routinely discussed. A party that has so separated from its Conservative chops, that Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney is a RINO and Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is a valued member.

The GOP has allowed itself to be run by politicians who treat their constituents like old-fashioned vacuum cleaner salesmen. They knock on your door, toss dirt on your floor, then say ‘what a mess.’ They tell you the dirt is your neighbor’s fault. Then go about emptying your pockets; selling you a bunch of useless gadgets to clean up the mess they have made. I am often asked; if I believe Mr. Trump will run again in 2024?—and I say yes—directly to the bank—with the donations to his sham campaign. His need to feed his voracious ego has led him and his family organization—that it is—to the brink of jail. Allen Weisselberg is but the first domino. The Republicans are desperately trying to downplay yesterday’s indictment of Trump.Org and Weisselberg. Just as the GOP infuriated the system of justice following the insurrection, pushing Speaker Pelosi to establish a select committee, New York’s Attorney General Letitia James is just as formidable; real justice is a stubborn opponent.  

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  • July 2, 2021