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Trump cannot assassinate his way into a trial dismissal

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Trump was unhinged in his tweeting on 29 December, and was ready for something to divert public attention, as the Arms for Dirt evidence continued to close in him in spite of withholding documents and witnesses.

Because it would be unpatriotic to ask for the documents during wartime(sic)…., but the 30 December call between Putin and IMPOTUS would be interesting simply because of the timing.

Covert action made itself available in Qasem Suleimani’s itinerary by intelligence from somewhere, showing a window in US-controlled airspace for a drone attack.

We know that Trump’s timeline was large enough to allow for Trump to brag on 31 December about the drone strike’s possibility to various Trumpists at Mar-a-Lago.

A SENATE trial is still necessary because Trump cannot assassinate his way into a dismissal. there could be enough evidence to convict but there remain more complicated issues that still need witnesses.

A reasonable senator could decide that there is enough evidence to convict Trump of abusing power and obstructing Congress based on the available evidence, despite the missing witnesses.


But the converse question — is there enough evidence on which to acquit the president? — demands a different answer. How can a reasonable senator — an “impartial juror,” as the senatorial oath will require — determine that Trump should be acquitted of the charges without hearing from former national security adviser John Bolton, acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and others with direct knowledge of Trump’s behavior? That is hard if not impossible to justify — unless you are a Fifth Avenue senator, one who would not convict the president if he shot someone on the Manhattan street.


It cannot be that assessing demeanor is more important for the Senate than obtaining relevant facts. If witnesses were advisable then, they are essential now — and at an earlier stage of the process than during the Clinton proceedings, when the witnesses were called after the two sides had made their cases for and against removing the president. It makes no sense, in the far different context of the Trump proceedings, to present a picture that is by definition incomplete.…

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