Trump canceled Poland trip to monitor Hurricane Dorian … while he golfs, apparently

Heckuva job, Clownie.

Now, we all know it doesn’t matter in the slightest where Donald Trump happens to be as he “monitors” Hurricane Dorian. (As long as it’s nowhere near the nuclear football, that is.)

If it were up to me, he’d spend the rest of his unnatural life at one of his eponymous resorts, cheating at golf and slurping down omelets like a fat, dyspeptic seagull that hasn’t left the Branson Denny’s parking lot since Duck Dynasty premiered.

But he’s — still, unbelievably — the only president we have, and it’s his job to be engaged and on full alert during national crises. Plus, he made a big deal of canceling his trip to Poland in order to make us all feel safe. Or something.

So where is he today?

Yup …



President Donald Trump is at his private Virginia golf club as Hurricane Dorian is on track to threaten the Southeast coastline.

Trump took a helicopter Saturday from the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland to his property in Virginia.

The president gave the impression as he left the White House on Friday that he would spend Saturday at Camp David with experts monitoring what has developed into a powerful Category 4 storm.

Category 4? Well, that means it’s not the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water, so no biggie, I guess.

Golf away, marshmallow man. Your aides will let you know where and when to fling the paper towels.

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