Trump campaign's future rally plans precisely track Spinal Tap's fade into obscurity

On the night of the now-infamous Emptysburg Address, I posted this tongue-in-cheek tweet:



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Fans of the cult classic This Is Spinal Tap will get it, of course. It’s from the scene where the band shows up to a low-rent, backwater festival to find that they’ve surrendered top billing to a puppet show. (In addition, it appears that Trump’s appeal is now becoming “more selective.”)

So I threw my little snark bomb into the fray and didn’t think much more of it. And then this morning I read this paragraph from a Politico story on Trump’s Tulsa debacle:

Party officials say the Oklahoma mishap has scrambled plans for future arena-style rallies. One idea is to hold smaller events at outdoor venues like airport hangars or amphitheaters. There's also discussion of holding them in non-urban areas to make it harder for protesters to gather en masse.

The venue Spinal Tap shared with the puppet show was … a small, sparsely occupied amphitheater:

And, of course, you remember this scene (featuring the late, great Fred Willard) where the band plays at an Air Force base after their original gig fell through:

Now all they need is a tiny Stonehenge model and Trump will be well on his way to reelection.

Say, how many Trump campaign managers have exploded on stage, leaving nothing but a little green globule? 

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