Okay, so this is childish:

“Barack Obama spent much of the last five years urging Joe Biden not to run for president out of fear that he would embarrass himself. Now that Biden is the only candidate left in the Democrat [sic] field, Obama has no other choice but to support him. Even Bernie Sanders beat him to it. Obama was right in the first place: Biden is a bad candidate who will embarrass himself and his party. President Trump will destroy him.” — Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager

A few thoughts:

  1. I really believe Brad Parscale wrote this — with a little help from John Miller, John Baron, and David Dennison.
  2. Where’s the evidence that Obama tried to talk Biden out of running? Oh, that’s right. When you’re a Trump you don’t need evidence. Everything you say is automatically true beyond a metaphysical certitude.
  3. Mad projection, yo. Donald Trump has dry-humped the Republican Party into a gelatinous heap of quavering snail corpses. Embarrassment doesn’t begin to describe what he’s done to the GOP.
  4. If the Trump campaign were so convinced Trump would “destroy” Biden, what was all that Ukraine-related corruption about? 
  5. Biden is going to crush this circus peanut into the loam of the earth.
  6. Donald Trump is a scared little boy whose bullshit is finally catching up with him.

Obama’s endorsement is nice, but Biden doesn’t really need it. It’s enough that he’s not Donald Trump, which means he’s a functioning adult who doesn’t ignore looming crises until it’s too late. That alone should put him over the top. And somewhere down deep in his shit-midden of a soul, Donald Trump surely knows this.

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