Recently, Trump (a latest Covid case) claimed credit, and gave himself an “A+,” on his Covid response because we only have 200,000 plus deaths when models predicted 2 to 3 million deaths if we all did nothing in response.  (Yes, that’s an amazing argument.)

But that same number, 2 to 3 million, is the number of projected deaths if we pursued a “herd immunity” approach – because then we also would be doing nothing.  And Trump believes in the “herd immunity” approach:

“Once you get to a certain number, you know — we use the word herd, right?” Trump told Laura Ingraham. “Once you get to a certain number, it’s going to go away.” 

So Trump is claiming credit that we have not yet reached the number of deaths that his own approach predicts that we will reach. 

That is one hell of a sales pitch:

Investment Advisor:  Look, I am doing great.  If we followed Plan A, we would lose all your money.  To date, we have only lost 10% of your money!

Investor:  So what plan are we following?

Investment Advisor:  Plan A