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Trump Blasts FBI For Investigating His Bus-Blocking Supporters While Trumpies Block Roads

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It was bad enough when Trump tweeted a video of this scene of his supporters ambushing a Biden-Harris bus and said “I LOVE TEXAS!” But then he found out the FBI was actually doing its job and investigating these domestic terrorists, and he totally lashed out — at the FBI.

Trump lashes out after FBI announces investigation of Biden bus incident

President Donald Trump on Sunday lashed out at the FBI after the agency said it was investigating reports that a caravan of the president's supporters harassed a bus belonging to Joe Biden's campaign.

“In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong,” he said in a tweet. “Instead, the FBI & Justice should be investigating the terrorists, anarchists, and agitators of ANTIFA, who run around burning down our Democrat run cities and hurting our people!”

Nothing wrong. Just terrorized some staffers (and reportedly a candidate for a local office), caused at least one accident, tried to run the bus off the road, and generally commit mayhem and violence for political reasons. But they were his  political reasons, so it’s ok.

He even said these terrorists were protecting the Biden bus:

“You see the way our people, they — you know they were protecting his bus yesterday,” Trump said while addressing supporters in Michigan. “Because they're nice. So his bus — they had hundreds of cars, Trump, Trump, Trump and the American flag. You see Trump and the American flag. Do you ever notice when you see the other side — I don't even see much of the other side.”

Trump is literally promoting and encouraging political violence. Here is another story out this afternoon:

Trump Supporters Spend Weekend Clogging America’s Highways

In a show of support of questionable political value, pro-Trump demonstrators clogged freeways Sunday across the country, from blue states like New Jersey, New York, and Washington state, to red-leaning Texas and purple Arizona. “WHOOO! We shut it down baby! We shut it down!” says one pro-Trump videographer as he pans the camera nearly 360 degrees, showing viewers the group of cars that had brought traffic to a complete standstill along the northbound Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.

Trump defends Texas drivers who surrounded Biden bus, while president’s supporters block traffic in New York and New Jersey.

Videos taken by motorists showed the president’s backers parked in the middle of the westbound lanes of the bridge, which carries Interstate 287 across the Hudson River and is named for the father of the current governor, Andrew M. Cuomo.

A number of them exited their vehicles in the rain and waved Trump banners and American flags as motorists honked their horns.

The episode happened around midafternoon, with the caravan lining up on the interstate’s shoulder in Tarrytown before driving onto the span, which replaced the Tappan Zee Bridge and connects Rockland and Westchester counties.

[Trump spokesmouth] Jason Miller, when asked about the New York and New Jersey incidents, made a similar plea, saying that he was more concerned with “downtown Washington businesses having to board up their windows in anticipation of lawless, violent Biden supporters rioting and looting on Tuesday night.”

This is Trump’s America, 2020.

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