Trump blames his orange hue on energy-efficient light bulbs

Remarking on last night’s Democratic debate, Donald Trump said something rather … surprising. Even for the weirdest, most unhinged creature on the planet.

NBC News:

Trump's complaint wasn't about the candidates vying for the nomination and the chance to make the 45th president a one-termer, but was rather was directed at light bulbs.

“People said what's with the light bulb? I said here’s the story, and I looked at it: The bulb that we're being forced to use — No. 1, to me, most importantly, the light's no good. I always look orange,” Trump said during a speech at a House Republican retreat dinner.

The audience at the 2019 House Republican Conference Member Retreat Dinner laughed at the comment.

Wow, he accidentally told the truth. Sort of.

Oh, but it’s okay, because everyone looks orange under those lights. 

You, me, everyone. Everyone.

Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips!

He said he's not the only one that the bulbs affect: He told the crowd that they, too, take on an orange tone under the lights.

In the past, Trump’s enablers and assorted toadies have attributed the orange-ness of His Orangeness to “good genes.” 

Sure, whatever.

We live in a funhouse mirror inside Pennywise the Clown’s gaping paranormal asshole.

Why not?

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