Trump biographer: Donnie believes he's above the law because of 'genetic superiority'

First of all, “genetic superiority” isn’t really a thing. Genes are just clumps of information, and they make an organism either suitable or unsuitable for its environment. And Donald Trump lives in an environment where he’s never more than a few miles away from a McDonald’s, which makes him — well — not particularly adaptable (i.e., he’s an organism with a slab of hard, throbbing suet where his heart is supposed to be).

Second of all — hahahahahahahahahaha!

This guy? This guy:


Dude looks like Augustus Gloop two seconds after getting wedged in the chocolate river tube.

But apparently he thinks of himself in a, well, more flattering light. And not just flattering, mind you. He thinks he’s the chosen one.

On Thursday’s CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, CNN contributor and The Truth About Trump author Michael D’Antonio said there’s a very good reason Trump believes he’s above the law when it comes to honoring subpoenas and cooperating with other forms of oversight.

It’s because he’s a genetic marvel.



Lemon asked D'Antonio for his take on House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler's recent assertion that the president thinks of himself as a king who can do as he wishes. “Is he right? Does the president think he’s above the law?” Lemon said.

“Well, he was raised to think that. The president’s father would repeat to him when he was growing up, ‘You're a killer, you're a king.' So this idea of some people being elevated, some people being above all others, in this case above the law, I don’t think is foreign to him,” D'Antonio said.

“I think it feels natural. He’s someone who believes in genetic superiority. He told me, 'I don’t respect most people because they’re not worthy of respect.'” D'Antonio said. He added, “Why would he respect the separation of powers, checks and balances, any system that’s inconvenient for him?”

So that’s why Trump is a major-league deludenoid. His father put these stupid ideas in his head. 

And he doesn’t respect most people because they’re not worthy of respect?

Oh, lawd. The irony … it burns.

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  • May 18, 2019