Trump Big Debate Loss, Debate Analysis, Republicans fight about ACA, & more.

The debate showed that even a calm Trump is mean, evil, nonempathetic, and incompetent. Kristin Arnold, a rules analyst, explains the debate.

After a complete debate analysis, the results are clear

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  • President Trump’s COVID-19 lie called out by reality. His continued lying should be criminal as it kills.
  • Steve Schmidt had a kit to say after the debate. But his most prescient statement was, “This is all going down. The stench of defeat lingers all around this.”
  • Two Republicans go at each other over Trump & GOP 10 year failure to develop a healthcare plan.
  • Kristin Arnold analyses the 2nd 2020 Presidential Debate between Biden & Trump. She believes it was much better moderated. She believes that cutting the microphone may have helped make it a more controlled debate.

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