Trump begins: “What do you prefer: Blacks for Trump or African-Americans for Trump?”

Trump in Atlanta, GA.

  • Pence is recounting some political history: “The first three African-Americans elected to the United States Senate were Republicans! The first 21 African-Americans elected to the House of Representatives were: Republicans!”
  • After recounting some of the history of Republicans and African-Americans — ending his list with Eisenhower sending troops to protect the Little Rock Nine in 1957 — Pence says he’s proud that Trump has “renewed our party’s proud commitment to equality of opportunity for all.”
  • Pence talks about his visit to Selma and hearing about the bravery of the marchers. “When that march was over, the brutality of that moment and the courage of those people would inspire the passage of the Voting Rights Act and help transform this nation to a more perfect union.”
  • Ben Carson says that today, people tell black conservatives that they’re bad people. He says this is like “the days of slavery,” when “they told the ones in the house you’re better than the ones in the yard and the ones in the yard, ‘you’re better than the ones in the field.'”
  • Carson is listing things Trump has done to offer opportunities to black people, saying they’re not the acts of a “racist.” Touting the low black unemployment rate, Carson says, “If he’s a racist, he’s an awfully bad one. He needs to get a lesson from the real racists.”
  • Trump begins: “What do you prefer: Blacks for Trump or African-Americans for Trump?”
  • The crowd chants Blacks for Trump! Blacks for Trump!
  • Trump praises Diamond and Silk. He tells them to save a ticket for him and the First Lady when they’re next holding an event in Washington.
  • Trump: “The Republican Party was the original home of African-Americans, and now African-Americans are returning. It was a 100-year trip, if you think about it.” (?) 
  • Trump on winning African-American voters: “We’re going to make 2020 a chance…we’re going to make it a chance that you take. But it’s not a chance. Because you know exactly what’s happening.”
  • Trump calls up pastor Darrell Scott, praising him for his combative performances on television. Scott says he learned from Trump, a “master debater,” that “if I can’t win the debate, I turn it into an argument.”
  • Trump in the middle of his thank-you list: “Representative — meaning, Congressman — Buddy Carter.”
  • Trump claims again that he improved Matt Bevin’s standing by “19 points.” (There was one outlier poll that had Bevin down that much.) 
  • Trump tells the Sir story about how he asked African-Americans “what the hell do you have to lose?” and his “handlers” said sir “they’re not gonna like that,” but he responded he’d seen the list, and they were “last in crime, last in this, last in home ownership…” 
  • Trump: “I do my best work off script. My best work. I hate to say this: I also do my worst work off script. So you never get in trouble when you go by the script…no, I do my best and my worst work. And it makes things very exciting, too.”
  • Trump tells his now-standard Sir story about how Obama left him a shocking 142 judicial vacancies (it was 104 vacancies, significantly on account of McConnell obstruction) and how he expected zero (presidents tend to have dozens to fill). 
  • Trump, doing “boom boom boom” sounds, is recounting the Baghdadi raid. He said he was watching “like you watch a movie,” and he asked, “Why don’t they just walk through the front door?” He said he was told, “It’s called booby traps,” and he said, “That makes sense.”
  • Trump repeats that African-Americans have had the worst statistics of any group. He slams Democrats for failing to deliver for African-Americans, saying the party takes African-American votes for granted and then doesn’t help.
  • Trump on black people voting for Democrats: “It’s amazing that you’ve stayed so long, to be honest. It almost becomes a habit, right? It’s a habit. Like it’s, ‘Oh, we vote for a Democrat.’ Nobody knows why they vote for a Democrat.”
  • Trump slams Democrats for failing African-Americans, then boasts of the record low African-American unemployment under him. Here’s the chart since the beginning of the Bush presidency.
  • Trump argues that Democrats have hurt African-Americans economically through NAFTA and by permitting lots of immigration.
  • Trump says Democrats are not holding an immediate vote to ratify the USMCA because “they would rather hurt their political opponents than help their black constituents.”
  • Trump boasts of withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. He says, “The only one upset about it in the whole country was Paris Dennard,” one of his black supporters. He adds that Paris Dennard actually liked it too.
  • Trump: “Democrats want to invest in green global projects. I want to invest in black American communities.” I think…that was supposed to be wordplay with green and black. 
  • There’s a chant of “four more years.” Someone shouts “eight more years.” Trump says, “Sixteen more years.” He says “crazy” people will now say he wants to be a dictator.
  • Trump has now departed from his text about African-Americans and is complaining about the Mueller investigation. “The biggest lie ever perpetrated upon the American people: Russia.”
  • Trump: “Imagine if Democrats just put 10% of the energy they devote to attacking me and my administration to instead making this a better country for African-American citizens.”
  • Trump on Democrats, Republicans and black people: “They don’t care. But we do.”
  • Trump on Democrats: “They have gone crazy. They really are. What’s going on out there is crazy.”
  • Trump: “To every African-American across our land: you don’t have to choose to leave the Democrat Party. Because the Democrat Party already left you a long time ago. It’s true.”
  • Trump says the Republicans are “now and always” the party of Frederick Douglass and the Civil Rights Act.
  • Trump says the economy is “up 60, 70%” but would’ve been down that much if Hillary Clinton had won. The economy is not up 60, 70%. (The NASDAQ, which is not the economy, is up more than 60% since his election.) 


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