This immigrant from Eastern Europe apparently has not assimilated U.S. political procedures…

Washington Post

“The fliers passed out by a New York state senator spoke of uniting Democrats and resisting President Trump — a common strategy used to solidify the “blue” voting base before the midterm elections in November. But that message proved to be too much for a self-identified Trump supporter who on Thursday called the police to make him leave, according to the lawmaker’s account.

Jesse Hamilton told The Washington Post that he and his aides stood in front a Brooklyn subway stop to pass out fliers to  constituents while they traveled to work.

“Rising up Democrats!” the flier said, above a picture of Hamilton and two of his supporters.

Everything was going well . . . at least for three minutes. After Hamilton passed a flier to a white woman, who could not be identified by The Washington Post, she began to speak of divisiveness, work ethic and Trump. (snip)

Hamilton told The Post that after a while, the woman requested that he and his aides leave. They refused to leave the public sidewalk. But the refusal angered her, so she called the police, Hamilton said.

The police soon arrived, Hamilton said. But the woman would not let up. She demanded that police remove the lawmaker and his aides from the sidewalk. They told her that could not happen and left.”

Melania should really keep closer tabs on her grandma.