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Trump Approval Hits New Low in Morning Consult Poll; Sanders Beating Trump in PA, MI, and WI

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Donald Trump’s approval is 39% versus 57% who disapprove and has taken a considerable hit from the revelations in the Mueller report.

The 18-point deficit marks Trump’s worst net approval rating — the share of voters who approve minus those who disapprove — since he took office. It surpasses the three 17-point gaps the president previously incurred, two of which came amid the longest government shutdown in U.S. history and another that followed his controversial comments regarding the August 2017 clash between protesters at a white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Va., that resulted in the death of 32-year-old counterprotestor Heather Heyer.

However, the number of voters favoring impeachment is still a minority. According to the poll, only 34% favor impeachment compared to 48% who currently oppose.

The Morning Consult Poll tends to confirm an Ipsos/Rueters poll conducted late last week as the Mueller report was finally released with redactions.…

According to the poll, 37 percent of adults in the United States approved of Trump’s performance in office, down from 40 percent in a similar poll conducted on April 15 and matching the lowest level of the year. That is also down from 43 percent in a poll conducted shortly after U.S. Attorney General William Barr circulated a summary of the report in March.

Of course, this is still very early since the report was released at the start of a holiday weekend after the Attorney General had summarized the report weeks earlier in a manner that put Trump in the best possible light.


Internal Poll: Sanders Leads Trump in PA, WI, and MI…

A Tulchin Research Poll was released today by the Bernie Sanders campaign showing him leading in three swing states. The poll interviewed 400 likely voters in each state.

Tulchin is rated as a “B” pollster by website 538

Tulchin-Research Poll 2020 Presidential General 4/22/2019
Sanders Trump
PA 51% 43%
MI 52% 41%
Wi 52% 42%

Notably, Sanders runs well with key subgroups of voters whom Trump won in 2016 and with whom Democrats must improve their performance with in order to win these crucial states.  Specifically, Sanders leads Trump by wide margins among independent voters (MI: Sanders 55% to Trump 33%, Sanders +22; WI: Sanders 54% to Trump 36%, Sanders +18; PA: Sanders 48% to Trump 37%, Sanders +11) and proves competitive with white voters without a four year college degree in both Wisconsin (Sanders 50% to Trump 45%, Sanders +5) and Michigan(Sanders 47% to Trump 47%) and does better with this cohort in Pennsylvania than Democrats in 2016.

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