I mean, he could be setting the world record for most Chicken McNuggets crammed into a U.S. president’s mouth at one time. But instead he has to go to this stupid G7 thing.


[I]n conversations with aides over the past weeks, Trump has questioned why he must attend [the G7], according to people familiar with the conversations. After the past two G7 summits ended acrimoniously, Trump complained about attending a third, saying he didn't view the gathering as a particularly productive use of his time.
He's made similar asides in meetings with other world leaders, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French President Emmanuel Macron, who have encouraged him over the past six months to commit to attending the Biarritz summit, people familiar with the conversations said. Macron is this year's summit host.

What did Trump think being president was? Riding the coattails of someone else’s economy while compulsively tweeting Dadaistic gibberish and watching Fox News hosts roast marshmallows with their hands on national TV?

Oh, and guess why Trump isn’t interested. Could it be that the G7 isn’t sufficiently focused on The Chosen One?

After [previous] summits, Trump was irked at the lengthy discussions about the environment and oceans, the people familiar said, and felt he wasn't given enough room to tout his achievements as president. Inside the White House, it wasn't clear Trump would commit to attending the this year's G7 until late spring.

To help make his attendance this week more palatable, aides lobbied to add a Sunday morning session focused on the global economy as a venue for him to brag about the US economy to leaders of nations where growth is slowing.

Kill me now. Or feed me to a polar bear. Either option would clearly be a better use of my time. 

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