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Trump and pal think this week 'secured his 2020 reelection'; that sounds like a challenge

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Hey, check out this fragrant twaddle:



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He was calm? Not colicky today? Did he sleep through the night? Atta boy.

So he thinks this week secured Trump’s reelection because — what? — a rigged impeachment trial with no witnesses concluded with an irredeemably corrupt asshole still squatting in the White House?

We have 268 more days to go until the election. Trump will say something obnoxious, inhuman, and ostentatiously stupid on precisely checks calendar all of those days. 

Don’t count your Chicken McNuggets just yet, Trump. We’ll have something to say about this before it’s all over. Why would anyone think you’re a shoo-in for reelection? Has Russia already renewed its membership for another four years? You’re basically a swamp demon made from otter farts and discarded skin tags. On a good day you’re Jared Fogle without the charisma. A clear majority of Americans really want a reason not to vote for you. Let’s give them 10,000.




We accept your challenge, ding-dong. See you in November.

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