Trump and GOP setting up the courts to rule undemocratically after impending Progressive win

It is not solely about Progressives winning in 2020. There are a lot of headwinds. Progressives and their allies must win with supermajorities to be a deterrent to the courts owned by the Plutocracy.

Anti-Democratic Courts are the next hurdles

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Have you wondered why Mitch McConnell blocked Merrick Garland, Obama’s Supreme Court pick at all cost? Have you wondered why Republicans had the gall to kill the filibuster on Supreme Court justices even though it is the most powerful position in the country? Have you wondered why our most inept president is appointing young inept judges on our Federal Circuit Courts?

This is what is occurring as we continue focusing mostly on Donald Trump's childish and goofy tweets. They are not only destroying the middle-class economically as we are distracted. They intend on changing the legislative fabric to disempower the masses. The neutering of the middle-class is not a new thing. It has been orchestrated for some time now.

And they will use the Constitution to accomplish the above feat. It is about using that document to prevent the change in the country that will no longer tolerate bias against the masses. Those chosen by the plutocracy to be their wards, the ones who will protect them at all cost, are fighting to keep their “good fortune.” Read, the same people who are against Medicare for All and other programs that will uplift the poor and middle-classes.

As the mainstream media continue to hyperventilate on Trump's frivolities, Progressive media must stay focused. We must continue to inform all Americans about the national con.

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