Trump’s in New Jersey for a golf weekend as the US continues to falter. There could be a Hail Mary.

If the United States isn’t a failed state in 2020, it is rapidly on its way toward becoming one. Economists, historians and public health experts I spoke to would generally agree with that sentence, even if they might disagree on some of the details or the severity of the crisis.

Since 2000 we have had two major economic crashes, the related issue of persistent income inequality and an environmental crisis that threatens the future of civilization. In 2020 we are also facing a pandemic and a social uprising against institutional racism, made worse President Trump’s incompetence and the apparent threat he poses to democracy. One might say the real question isn’t whether the U.S. is a failed state, but how we can pull ourselves out of the muck before it is too late.


“The run-up to the Civil War had similar characteristics minus the virus,” Columbia University historian Eric Foner told Salon by email. “I hope that is not an omen. We were certainly a failed state in 1860.” As Foner explained, “the 1850s witnessed not only intense partisan and ideological division but also the collapse of one party and rise of another; stalemate and violence in Congress; hostility to immigrants (the Know-Nothing party); federal officials battling in the streets with people resisting the Fugitive Slave law; and ultimately civil war. Even more of a failed state than now.”…

Trump took meaningful action on TikTok before he took meaningful action on COVID.

Biden is both weak yet more powerful than God?

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