God the Media is terrible when it comes to science and medical issues.  Trump has everyone at his latest press conference saying that the risk of COVID-19 to Americans is low.  How the hell do you know that the risk is low?  There has been no widespread testing of Americans for COVID-19!  It is still only several hundred people who have been tested.  With no numbers to rely upon, how is the risk of infection from COVID-19 low?  I wouldn’t have gotten away with this bullshit when I was doing a presentation as a research biochemist.  I would have been peppered with, “Where is your data for this claim?”  

Instead, this is all BS, and sadly, they got Dr. Anthony Fauci to say the same damn thing.

Where is the damn data?  Are we relying upon the Chinese for these pronouncements?  Does anyone trust the data coming out of China?

Maybe the risks of infection from Covid-19 are low, but you cannot say it is low until you have some scientific data.  And no one at this press conference has the brains to ask about the data and statistics.  And there has been no widespread testing in the U.S. for COVID-19.   

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