Trump’s Senior Advisor Kevin Hassett made a statement that illustrates what the Trump administration and Republicans think about the American worker. They are but human capital stock.

My Take on Human Capital Stock ready for work

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Huffington Post reported this as follows.

President Donald Trump’s senior economic adviser, Kevin Hassett, presented a cold view of the U.S. economic system Sunday, referring to American workers as “human capital stock.”
In a Sunday interview on CNN, Hassett predicted that business would pick up again soon.
“Our human capital stock is ready to get back to work,” he said, while admitting at the same time that the nation will continue to struggle with unemployment as high as 23% this month.
The smiling Hassett seemed blithely calm about an unemployment rate “north of 20%” in May, which may be higher in June and will likely be in the double digits by November, he said.
Critics on Twitter didn’t take to Hassett’s terminology — or the fact that workers will be bringing up the caboose again while potentially risking their lives if there’s a second COVID-19 spike, which Hassett didn’t even acknowledge.

This should not be surprising. The President and his cabal for some time have been encouraging their followers to sacrifice themselves for the economy for some time now.

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