I encourage (or, rather, beg) you to read this indispensable Mark Sumner story about the absolute barking-mad lunacy of suggesting we should abandon social distancing in order to “save” the economy. (The gist? We’d destroy the country, basically.)

Then come back and read this bonkers AF tweet from the grim reaper squatting in the Oval Office:


I only occasionally respond (via Twitter, at least) to the toxic goblin vomit that disgorges from the tumescent muskmelon head of this gormless sack of fruit bat scrotums, but today I couldn’t help myself:



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Clearly, it’s not really about the stock market after all — because other flesh-and-blood humans are invested in the stock market, and who gives a fuck about them, right?

No, it’s all about Trump’s reelection prospects. And he has two choices: 1) Do the right thing, save potentially millions of lives, and ride off into the sunset knowing you did your level best for your fellow humans or 2) be Donald Trump.

Donald Trump will always choose 2). Which means he’s going to roll the dice and hope it all just works out somehow, even if Grandma’s purpling corpse has to be wheelbarrowed out the back 40 before the Easter lilies are tossed in the trash.

So, yeah, our president is a monster, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Enjoy the rest of your quarantine. Try not to die.

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