Trump abruptly left tree-lighting ceremony yesterday, may have had 'panic attack.' Wonder why

Drip, drip, drip.

Oh, a gusher!

Big news this morning involving the underling Trump repeatedly bullied over the past 12 years. (Hey, Melania, if you want kids to stop bullying each other, here’s a great cautionary tale.)

Yes, the walls are starting to close in with the revelation that Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about a proposed Trump Tower Moscow, and about when the project was finally shelved (i.e., well after Trump was the GOP nominee).

So, bad news for Donny. And he’s acting like a petulant child, of course, calling Cohen “very weak.” 

Say, remember all the way back to … yesterday? Seems Trump abruptly left the White House Christmas tree-lighting ceremony for mysterious reasons. The incident led to rumors that Trump had suffered a panic attack.

From Inquisitr:

The mysterious retreat caused confusion among reporters at the event and led to speculation about what could have caused the president to leave so quickly. As the Hill reported, Trump did not notify the reporters who were assigned to monitor the president’s movements of his whereabouts and document his activities that he would be returning to the White House so quickly.


The quick slip on Wednesday after the Christmas tree lighting ceremony caused quite a bit of drama and sparked rumors on Twitter that Donald Trump suffered a “panic attack” that caused him to leave. Other rumors indicated that he had received a hurried cell phone call that led him to leave, though there was no evidence for either. There was no official explanation for why Trump so quickly left the ceremony.


Is this Trump’s My Pet Goat moment?

Sure, it’s possible that Trump has changed his mind and now wants to join the liberals’ War on Christmas, but that doesn’t seem very likely.

What does Trump know?

More importantly, what does Mueller know?

My guess? Everything.


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