The are numerous attempts to make the election closer, few credible. Trump’s accelerationism is like Emilio LIzardo hitting a wall with a faulty overthruster in the film Buckaroo Banzai. This remains the path to the bunker on scorched earth, as Trump raves on…


Democrats will not win by cowering in fear that Trump will blame them for the violence he provoked. They win by making the case that Trump has made America more violent and increased racial tension for his own political benefit.


— Mimi Rocah (@Mimirocah1) August 30, 2020

Republican elected officials feel comfortable reverting to the Southern Strategy, portraying themselves as the only thing standing between White people and violent Black people. It is a tune they have been singing since 1968.
Naturally then, the news media is holding Trump accountable for violence, insisting that he condemn police excesses and … no, that is not happening. Instead, they amplify Trump’s demand that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden do something about the violence. Biden’s weak-kneed supporters (playing into Trump’s hands) blame Biden for not denouncing violence — which Biden has repeatedly done. That in turn generates a spate of “Democrats worried violence hurts Biden” articles. The media focus on the same few incidents of violence drowns out reports (mostly in print, rarely on TV news) explaining White instigators’ role in these events. (When the role of White provocateurs does make the news, there is rarely video to accompany the brief reference to White agitators.) And you wonder how Trump gets away with rabid race-baiting?…



Scorched earth:


Desperate speculation continues even though his favorability is flat.


— Wait…What?!?!? (@SDIwantweet) August 31, 2020

In the FiveThirtyEight visualization of the path to the White House right now, Wisconsin is the tipping-point state.

President Trump’s favorability stayed flat after the Republican National Convention, as a majority of the country continues to view his handling of the COVID-19 crisis negatively, a poll released Sunday found.

The ABC News-Ipsos poll determined that 31 percent of respondents had a favorable view of Trump after the GOP convention, representing no significant change from his 32 percent favorability a week prior after the Democratic National Convention.

The president’s favorability among Republicans dropped 4 percentage points since last week.

Trump and his supporters sought to convey the administration’s coronavirus response positively during the GOP convention. But the percentage of respondents who said they disapprove of the president’s oversight of the pandemic — 63 percent — has remained steady since mid-July.

Meanwhile, Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s favorability remained higher than his unfavorability, at 46 percent and 40 percent, respectively, despite Republican efforts during the convention to paint him as a dangerous candidate.


Bait and Switch.


What we assumed that DoJ or Mueller would do as a matter of course wasn’t done. Rosenstein is now looking more like the culprit, but it certainly was clear that the Sessions recusal was merited. 


— RayDart (@RayDart) August 31, 2020


— Frederik Pleitgen (@fpleitgenCNN) August 29, 2020

This is fine:

“Who knows? A year from now you may be calling me Reverend Stone! What else am I going to do with all these white suits I own?”


— Steven Hassan (@CultExpert) August 30, 2020


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