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TPM Reports that Democrats Are Suing to Obtain Trump's Tax Returns.

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TPM reports this as breaking news:  House Panel Sues To Force IRS To Hand Over Trump’s Tax Returns.

The lawsuit – filed in D.C. federal court – seeks a court order that would force Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Internal Revenue Service chief Chuck Rettig to hand over six years of Trump’s personal and business returns.

TPM has a copy of the lawsuit to view.

Huffington Post had a story up that Democrats were purposely slow walking suing the Trump Administration to get Trump’s tax returns.  I don’t think anyone went on the record about it, but Huffington Post said that Pelosi and Neal were dragging their feet because both assumed that if a court ordered Trump to turn over his tax returns to Congress that Trump would defy that order.  Then, an in your face and go fuck the horse you road in on constitional crises would be upon us.

Hauser said he suspected that Neal and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are in no rush for a legal victory because it would result in a court order forcing the administration to hand over the tax returns, which Trump might not want to do. Several Democrats have said the Trump administration defying a court order would present a true constitutional crisis.

“My view is Pelosi and Neal are trying to avoid a constitutional crisis,” Hauser said, “because they don’t want to impeach him.”

Bad enough Trump defied Congress, but telling Congress and the Courts to go fuck themselves would be beyond the pale.  Congress would have to move on impeachment or simply just say, “OK Trump.  You’re dictator now.”  And we all know that Pelosi does not want to do impeachment.

But this move by the House Democrats undermines that Huffington Post story. 

I will admit that I did believe that Pelosi and Neal didn’t want Trump’s tax returns.  It’s July now, and Democrats have not been moving quickly on this issue.  And there must be something bad in those returns.  Otherwise, why would Trump hide them?  So it has been very frustrating on waiting for anyone to get Trump’s tax returns.

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