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Top Democrats Leading Trump in Ohio; Impeachment Supported 47% to 43%

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Three Leading Democrats are beating Donald Trump in Ohio, according to an Emerson Poll newly released. Bernie Sanders outpolls Trump 53% to 47%, Joe Biden by 53% to 47%, and Elizabeth Warren by 52% to 48%.

On the issue of impeachment, 47% of voters support impeachment with 43% opposing and 10% unsure. Democrats support impeachment 79% to 14%, Republicans oppose it 75% to 12% and Independents are almost split evenly with 45% opposing and 44% supporting. There is a divide among the supporters of the top three Democratic candidates on the issue of impeachment as 92% of Sanders supporters and 91% of Warren supporters support impeaching the President, while 74% of Biden supporters are supportive of impeachment.

Trump’s approval rating in Ohio was 43% to 51% who disapprove. Republican Governor Mike DeWine is approved by 30% to 34% who disapprove, according to the poll.

Emerson also surveyed how the Democrats would do in Ohio running against Vice President Mike Pence. Biden leads Pence 54% to 46%, Warren leads 51% to 49%, and Sanders is also at 51% to 49%.

Ohio is always a critical state for Republican presidential campaigns. In 2016, Trump won the Buckeye state with 52.5% to 43.5 for Hillary Clinton.

The poll was conducted 9/29 to 10/2 and has a margin of error of 3.3%. Website 538 rates Emerson as a B+ pollster with a Democratic lean of 0.1%


Sabato Shifts NC Senate Rating to Tossup, AL Senate to Lean R…

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has mixed news for both parties as ratings were changed in the Senate races for North Carolina and Alabama.

Citing “nationalization” Sabato shifted Doug Jones’ re-election in Alabama from tossup to lean Republican. But the re-election race of Thom Tillis in North Carolina was shifted from leans Republican to tossup.

Sabato also discusses how filing deadlines in various states could impact the impeachment vote since any Republican who votes against Trump is sure to get a primary opponent. The later the vote on conviction in the Senate means more Republicans that won’t have to worry about an opponent on the primary ballot.

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