Top aide tried to address virus supply shortfalls early last year, but Trump ignored his warnings

Top Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro didn’t come out of nowhere. The administration found him where most high-level government aides are found … i.e., the same place I found the anti-fungal treatment for my big toenail—Amazon.

You may or may not know that Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner found Navarro while browsing Amazon after Trump asked him to do research on China. Well, now you do. (For the record, I’d give Navarro fewer stars than the toenail fungus solution and about the same rating as this ranch dressing soda. As trade advisers go, he was nearly ranch dressing soda-level, which gives him a nice attainable goal to strive for.)

The only reason he doesn’t score lower is this: He actually attempted to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously back when Trump was diligently working to get a handle on the crisis by tweeting insults at Adam Schiff. A new Washington Post story reveals that Navarro urged Trump to source key medical supplies in March of last year, but Trump ignored him.

  • March 31, 2021