Too angry to swear. The world is not an open sewer.

It’s one of the crimes that the victim is held immediately responsible for the crime.

I am talking about la décharge sauvage [English: Fly-tipping, American: Fly dumping].

We have been at our small farm [our retirement plan] for fifteen years now and every year it gets worse. Every day, we find plastics, cans, bottles and other modern detritus littering the land and forest. Five times since we have owned the property have we found a dump, three in the last four years. We cannot afford to “build a bloody wall” the investment in making it harder to gain access is more than enough. After signing the last bill for about €5,300 I estimate the total costs to us to be well in excess of €30,000 including new fencing.

The one time someone was held sort of responsible [the owner of the junk not the dumper] the fine was laughable (€100 or so), that went to the local government, not us,  we would have had to sue for damages. I would love that it was returned to their damn yard and even pay for the extra gas to do so.

Please ask questions:

i) Check the company doing the removal has the appropriate licences. Report them if they don’t, even if you don’t use them.

ii) Check with the treatment centre that they did in fact receive the load. Report a possible crime.

When we do get to the beach, especially after a storm, then the expletives truly flow.

The world is not your trash can, please treat it better.


  • May 14, 2021