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Tomorrow I begin teaching my students

As I wrote in June in So here's my new teaching gig, I am now employed by DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville MD.

I am, besides teaching 6 (of the 8) sections of Government required of all seniors, also one of the two coaches of the Freshman soccer team — we have 21 players, a bit more than we had planned, but something we can make work.;

Over the last five weeks I have gotten more and more involved in the life of the school.  My wife says she has not seen me this excited since I retired from Eleanor Roosevelt in 2012.

I still have several hours of preparatory work to do before tomorrow morning, and I did prep work all of yesterday, which is why I did not head north to my alma mater Haverford College for the annual Alumni soccer game (no, at 73 I no longer play) and reception.

I have not been as active here recently as people may have been used to, so I am taking some time this morning to explain what the recent weeks have been like, and why I am so excited —  and somewhat challenged — by what I expect will be my final teaching position.

IF you choose not to read further, no problem.  I hope what I offer will justify the time you spend following me beneath the squiggle — hopefully what I share will clearly connected with the mission of this site, at least as I have understood it over the more than 15 years since I first came here.

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