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Tom Steyer Raises Money For State Democratic Parties In Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida

Received this e-mail today from former presidential campaign, billionaire Tom Steyer (D. CA):

Our country is at its best when the American people are in charge — and 2020 is the year we must take back our democracy.

That’s why I’m reaching out to ask you to split a contribution of $20 between the Democratic parties of Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida — key battleground states for this election.

Here’s why this is so important:

Donald Trump and the GOP are championing hatred and racism, failing us all on the climate crisis, and spreading lies during a pandemic that continues to kill thousands of Americans, disproportionately African Americans. Right now, people in every corner of the country are fighting against deep-rooted injustice and white supremacy while struggling to survive due to no support from this government.

Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida pose a direct threat to Republicans’ chances of four more years of the most corrupt presidency in our history. If we’re going to beat Mr. Trump, then we need to fight hard in these four states, starting now.

I am proud to support these battleground states’ Democratic parties in their efforts to send the GOP packing, and I hope you’ll join me. Every dollar goes a long way in reaching people and registering more voters.
Thank you.


Click here to donate to the Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida Democratic Parties.