Tom Steyer did not let ABC's ThisWeek Host Martha Raddatz get away with pushing the Donald Trump narrative on the economy using a poll. It is clear that the mainstream media is intent on serving their ultimate masters in maintaining some sort of status quo. Anyone that attempting to bring change to the country's plutocrats' modus operandi are maligned.

Tom Steyer calls out ThisWeek Martha Raddatz

“Mr. Steyer, you say that you can take on Donald Trump on the economy,” Martha Raddatz said. “But the latest Quinnipiac national poll again released just this week says 70 percent of voters describe the nation's economy as excellent or good. So how do you convince them that a change is needed when they think they're doing so well under Donald Trump?”

Raddatz was happy to quote the Quinnipiac poll even as she misrepresented when balanced against the Pew Research Poll that suggests Americans think the economic system unfairly favors the powerful. Does that not infer they would support a change if someone would correct the problem?

70% in the poll did not say they are doing well. That the economy is doing well or one is doing somewhat better than before does not mean one is doing well in the aggregate. Healthcare, long term care, education debt insecurity will always be a stressor on a large percentage of Americans.

We will all have to read between the lines and understand that many in the mainstream media are part of the problem. They either allow the plutocracy to misinform Americans or they provide the carpet bombing to soften the shores.

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